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Monyun (Quad Carrier)

Monyun is our blue & tan quad carrier male. We love so much about him, like his big round head, cute flat face, engaging eyes, clean wrinkles and thick rope. Not only is he well put together, but he is also small in size with great bone structure. He shall produce the most beautiful puppies with wonderful facial features and excellent temperament

Effective Stud Service

As our stud French Bulldogs are exceptional models for what healthy, happy, adjusted, and visually-pleasing dogs in their breed category should be. As such, we are pleased to offer full stud services to other breeders hoping to expand their line and bring a unique quality to the puppies they produce

We understand that not all breeders seeking our services live close to the Central Florida area. Therefore, in addition to our in-person stud service visits, we are happy to coordinate with you to safely ship the appropriate amount of sperm for manual insemination

Please feel free to browse through our images and descriptions of each stud available for breeding purposes. 

 Our shipping methods are well-researched so that you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving live semen for effective breeding. 





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