Get To Know Us!

When we reflect on what has been our greatest motivation to establish Magic Kennels LLC, we both came to the conclusion that it was our lifelong love for animals. Ever since we were children, both Amy and I (Sam) grew up taking care of and experiencing the level of love that comes from owning a dog. We grew to cherish relationships between humans and animals. We carried these values into our careers, and now we are the proud owners and founders of Magical Kennels. 

Here at Magic Kennels, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the healthiest puppies that are also breathtakingly adorable. Before opening Magic Kennels in Central Florida, Amy served as an expert in dermatology, and I spent much of my time on the water as a fishing charter captain. At first glance, our expertise does not seem to align with running a dog breeding business. However, our separate previous fields taught us the importance of customer service, perseverance, and what it takes to strive for excellence. 

One of the most fulfilling aspects of our careers is the ability to match individuals and families with their furry best friend. We’ve seen the therapeutic effect the love of a puppy can have, and it brings joy to our lives knowing that we are able to provide that service. Whether we are selling you a puppy or providing stud or whelping services, we guarantee our clients a lifetime of Frenchie support. In addition, our workflow and approach is designed to ensure the safety and health of our puppies and dogs. 

When we are not working, Amy and I enjoy spending time outside by visiting the beach, boating, or even fishing. As parents to a newborn, we also enjoy spending quality time together as a family. It is our ongoing mission to provide our clients with the highest quality of puppies and service. As such, we are consistently researching the industry to stay updated on today’s best practices. For more information about myself, Amy, or our services, please feel free to Reach Out to us at any time! 

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